Discover Menorca by sea

Menorca, a unique destination to discover from our boat

We start our excursions from the port of Mahón, the base port of our Olaf classic Llaut.

Sailing through this natural port, one of the largest in the Mediterranean with an extension of about six kilometers in length, is the starting point for an unforgettable day.

The port of Mahón could be divided into its two shores, the south where we can see both the seafront of the capital of Menorca, and the seafront of the town of Villa Carlos. On the north shore, we can discover from our boat military enclaves and small coves such as Cala Rata, Cala Deslinde, Sano Balsa, Cala Larga, among others. While sailing through the port, we will discover 4 Lazareto de Mahón islets, Isla del Rey, an island in honor of King Alfonso III and which is currently being restored, Pinto Island, a military island currently in disuse, and finally, Isla de la Cuarentena, the islet smallest of the four.

To bid us farewell to the largest natural port in Menorca, we have the fortress of La Mola to the north, which is a recommended excursion for any visitor to the island.

Menorca the island of the wind, this description determines the excursions. When renting a boat, one of the most important issues to keep in mind is always the weather forecast. On days when there is no wind, our clients will be able to choose their destination from the different ones we propose, but if the wind blows, the excursion is conditioned by the direction of the wind. In any case, any of these is a unique experience for living on our boat sailing the coast of Menorca.

If the winds blow from the south, we will go to the north coast of the island of Menorca and the least frequented by tourists and the most virgin since the vast majority is a biosphere reserve. In this we will be able to observe steep cliffs and beaches with reddish sand as if they were from another planet, slate rock formations and if our clients are lucky they may have the beaches or anchorage areas practically for themselves.

Sailing through the north of Menorca we will discover coves, lighthouse islands and historic buildings that we will never forget.

The coves that we can access with our Olaf boat, are among others Cala Mesquida, Es Grau, Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga located in Favaritx, and finally our destination furthest from the port of Mahón and one of the best corners of the north coast. of Menorca S'Avinar de Mongrofre and S'Arenalet.

As I mentioned before, it should be noted that Menorca has other smaller islands, the one we will find on the north coast is the Isla del Colom, a perfect place to anchor with our boat and discover its small Tamarells and Arenal d'en coves with our auxiliary boat. Moor. Anchored on the island of Colom we can see the Torre de Rambla.

If northerly winds blow, our skipper will head south. The south of Menorca is made up of beaches with fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters of an impressive transparency and that allow us to observe the seabed sailing with our boat as if it were a photograph. The south coast also has calcareous cliffs, dune ravines and Mediterranean forests, where we will be accompanied by the “cri cri” of the cicadas and the smell of pine.

The south coast of Menorca also has its own charms, lighthouses, prehistoric caves, islets, so taking a tour of it aboard our boat is also an unforgettable experience.

Among many others, the following coves are Cala Alcalfar, Punta Prima, Binibequer, S'Escalo Blanc, Biniparratx, Es Canutells, Cales Coves, Calan Porter, Son Bou, Binigaus, Macarella, Cala Trebalúger, among many others.

Sailing along the south coast we find the Isla del Aire, an idyllic corner to anchor our boat, a perfect corner of Menorca to make a stop on the excursion, practice snorkeling, navigate with our surf paddle through this marine reserve. In addition, we will be able to observe the imposing lighthouse of the island of the air of 38 meters high.

Sailing along the south coast of Menorca we can also observe prehistoric caves, the most important located in Cales Coves, reaching Es Canutells as is the case of the cave of s'Olivarda.

For everything said above and to conclude this section, we can confirm that Menorca is an island of contrasts, in which we can find a great variety of idyllic landscapes, each and every one of them with their own personality and some characteristic that makes them unique, For all this, each excursion, wherever it is, will always be a different experience.

Renting a boat in Menorca is not just sailing, it is the most complete and beautiful experience that we can enjoy with family, friends and loved ones. From experiencing the sensation of sailing the waters of Menorca with a classic boat, reaching places that cannot be accessed from land, having the comfort of resting on our boat that is designed to offer the maximum possible comfort to the people on board. thanks to its design and distribution.

Anchoring with a boat on the beaches or corners of Menorca has its advantages over doing it from land. We practically choose ourselves the place in the cove where we want to stay and more so when in most of them there is not a large influx of boats. We enjoy hot meals at all times in the kitchen that we have or very cold drinks on the hottest days. We can stop and practice water sports in any corner of Menorca where we can access. Visit sea caves that we can only reach from the sea and we can enter to investigate them with our assistant, or disembark on the islands or coves only accessible by sea, among them, as we mentioned earlier, the Isla del Aire and discover the most emblematic native species of Menorca which is the “black sargantana”.

Contact us and we guarantee you a perfect plan to discover Menorca from the sea enjoying our boat.