Isla del Colom and the Rambla Tower

Discover the incredible islet of Colom and its two coves

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1h 30 minute trip

Northeast area

Very busy area

Clear waters and two uninhabited beaches

The island of Colom, is an uninhabited islet of 59 hectares separated from Menorca by a narrow passage of only 200m and 1m deep on the northeast coast of Menorca.

It is characterized by being a high and relatively mountainous islet where it houses two beautiful paradisiacal beaches.

The first cove, called Tamarells , is located just in front of the strait between Colom and Menorca "Es Pas", and is made up of fine sand, in crescent shaped, with a very low slope towards the sea, and hardly any waves making it ideal for children. It also has several posidonia meadows.

The second cove, called Arenal d'en Moro , is a straighter cove, with more sand, of a more golden color, and a steeper slope from the sea. It has semi-submerged rocks, and a small cave. Very interesting place to dive. You can see small octopuses and hopefully some nacra.

Therefore, the two cleats offer very different sensations . And that is why it is recommended to know both.

We will anchor near the Tamarells cove, very close to the "Es Pas" strait, at a depth of no more than 4m, on a white sand bottom, with a turquoise water color, produced by the reflections of the sun and shallow depth. Being here is like being in a big pool with calm water.

It is important to mention that there is no way to walk from one beach to the other . The only way is to go with the auxiliary for the water

Then, very close to the island of Colom, on the coast of Menorca, we find the Torre de Rambla . An old semi-demolished watchtower, built by the English between 1799 and 1802, located on top of a viewpoint, to control the entire island of Colom.

To get there, you must get to the Tamarells del Nord cove with the auxiliary, and from there start walking.

If you are interested in this place, Llaut Menorca, with its boat OLAF, offers this excursion daily.

You can check the prices and the calendar availability on the main page.

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