Isla del Aire, the highest lighthouse in Menorca

Discover the authentic black lizards of Menorca

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1h 15 minute trip

Southeast area

Very little crowded area

Clear waters, no beach, barracudas and larks

One kilometer from the coast of Punta Prima is the beautiful Isla del Aire . A 34-hectare flat islet with hardly any vegetation, whose highest point rises 15m above sea level and has a 38m-high lighthouse.

Elongated islet, is located within the southern Menorca marine reserve . A place very popular with divers, it is home to many underwater caves and a lot of aquatic life.

It has large posidonia meadows, and it is possible to see schools of barracudas, and stingrays perched on top of the posidonia.

One of the things that makes this islet unique is its black lizard - Podarcis lilfordi lilfordi , an endemic animal of the Balearic Islands, which, due to the importation of invasive species by the Romans currently only inhabit the small islets of the Balearic Islands.

It is characterized by being a small scaly reptile, up to 15cm long, with a black skin color and a blue belly that is reflected in the sunlight.

The islet has a small jetty, and from there it has a somewhat neglected asphalt path, which takes you to the lighthouse. This path is very interesting to walk, since it gives a good perspective of the south east coast of Menorca.

To arrive with our llaut, it is important to know that is only allowed to anchor in the northern area between the jetty and the reef called Cagaires . This small sheet of water is perfectly marked on the Navionics. It is important to mention that the anchoring is made of rock, it is easy to set the anchor forcing someone to dive to get it out from under a rock.

Once anchored, with the auxiliary you can reach the pier, and from there start walking towards the lighthouse.

Finally, it is important to remember that this island barely offers shade, it does not have lifeguards or equipment.

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